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New Hampshire residents! Harpswell Auto Sales is a LEADING Maine Dealer specializing in Bad/No credit situations! They are known most for their Trucks and their ability to sell them to ANY credit type! With a max interest rate of 17.99, it is a perfect opportunity for NH customers to escape the 26.99% you can find yourself into buying in Mass or New Hampshire! Check out their inventory today and LET THEM HELP YOU find the perfect vehicle that will REBUILD your credit today!! www.harpswellautosales.comIf you're needing a reliable vehicle and your credit is less-than-stellar, come check us out today at one of our 2 locations and see why we are THE BEST! We finance anyone and WE mean it! We work with ALL credit types! We accept self employed income, SSDI, SSI, retirement pentions, unemployment income, and JOB LETTERS! We accept it all and have perfected it ALL! If you're skeptical on what we can do, check out one of our social media platforms and see the people we help out. Ask around, we guarantee someone you know has either bought, knows someone who bought, or has seen one of the thousands of people we have helped! TRY US TODAY! Fill an application out now, it takes 5 minutes...for a future with reliable transportation! go to and we will guarantee approval within 24 hours
  • Model Year: 2018
  • Make : Dodge Ram
  • Model: Dodge Ram
  • Color: automatic
  • Vin: clean
  • Cylinders: 4
  • Transmission: automatic
  • Drive: fwd
  • Body Type: sedan
  • Size: full-size
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